• I was dealing with a certain knotty family problem with ancestral racism, when I contacted Lisa Wagoner. The week before George Floyd died, my daughter had told me that my grandmother had called my daughter a racial slur when she was a child. I was shocked hurt beyond belief because my grandmother was the one person who stuck by me while I was growing up. The betrayal cut to the bone, and I kicked grandma off of the ancestral altar but was frozen when it came to dealing with the reality of racism in the family. Cue Lisa. She did distance healing (this was during the quarantine) around this tough issue for me and it prepared for the work in BLM movement in the weeks afterwards. She unleashed a dragon inside me, a dragon that knew the future of my children and my grandchild was at stake. In the next few weeks it became very clear that this was a matter of life and death for my descendants and this has fueled and been the centrifugal impetus of our growing participation in activism. I thank Lisa for that, she is truly a talented and gifted healer. [R.F.R.]

  • I always feel so much lighter after one of Lisa's Reiki sessions and her oracle readings are always right on target. [T.L]

  • Lisa has incredible insight and is gifted with a healing magic rarely found. Sessions with her can be life changing in the most unexpected ways. Highly recommend A+++++ [K.B.]

  • Many "Thanks" to Lisa for such an amazing distant healing Reiki session! Lisa is a true Reiki master!! I have been blessed more than once with Lisa's Reiki healing! Love her! [B.A.]

  • Lisa is a beautiful soul that I am honored to have as one of my soul sisters. We have been friends for many years and have been supporting each other on this journey. It’s been an honor watching her grow on this path. She has been my rock and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She has always been there to listen, counseled me in areas of my life especially when it comes to love and my career. When in need, she provided me with tools to assist me on my journey.

She guided me to view certain situations from a loving and caring perspective when I was in a dark place. When I was struggling with finding a job, she encouraged me to create a vision board and manifestation box. Since I live a few states away, we did phone sessions. If it was not for her counseled insight and suggestions, I would not be in the job I am today. And I must say I am very happy! I have learned so much from her. Lisa has been inspiration to me especially during those times of wanting to give up because I have seen all she has accomplished and all that I have accomplished so far when using her tools. I have been reminded by her many times when we let go, trust and believe in the universe anything is possible. [N.C.]

  • Approximately 3 weeks ago I began experiencing a deep pain on the top of my left foot for reasons completely unknown and so I tried the usual home remedies with no relief. My thought was it would just go away but I awoke next day to find I could barely put any weight on it so I continued with the home remedies and it brought no relief - this continued on through the day and as I readied for work Monday all I could do was limp on my now swollen and painful foot to my office. I contacted Lisa Monday evening and mentioned this bizarre pain and that it was really bothering me – enough that I was even considering going to a doctor – amazing consideration as I am extremely adverse to a lot of Western medicine and drugs. We talked around 7 pm and few hours later I noticed the pain was 80% gone and mind you I had given up doing any of the home remedies on Monday as they weren’t really helping. By the next morning my foot that was close to perfectly well and by the end of the day it was completely fine.

What fixed this mysterious malady – Lisa’s deeply healing Reiki that she performed on me from almost 500 miles away! Yes, this miraculous healing happened rapidly and remotely.

Moreover, the energy healing of Reiki didn’t just fix these specific problems – I felt empowered, energized yet calm. The physical manifestation of well-being was highly present. Lisa’s calm focus directs the energy healing across time and space and my healing is absolute proof. Reiki resolves physical and emotional issues because in truth often times what presents as physical pain is a symptom of emotional, mental or spiritual pain. Lisa’s gift is finding that and linking or channeling the healing energy she can harness and release that “block.” I highly recommend her healing work and also Lisa herself, as her energy is so calming, peaceful and engaging. [V.S.]

  • Lisa’s Visioning Workshops have been a wonderful tool for me in terms of focusing and getting in touch with my thoughts and feelings in order to take concrete actions. They are also fun and it’s a great way to get acquainted with others and make friends. She starts off with a great meditation and spiritual focus, I feel blessed when I’m finished. [J.H.B]