About Lisa

My spiritual journey has been life-long, and dramatically kick-started when I attended a five day silent retreat. It challenged my limits on not talking and caffeine consumption! It was absolutely transformative, and one of the highlights of my life. I received a message there that set me firmly on my path, one that deeply resonated with me. Soon after, I began training in Reiki and other modalities, and truly began my journey as an empath, an intuitive, a healer, writer and coach.

I have worked with people in all phases of their life, helping with their healing journeys, manifesting, writing challenges, addiction recovery, and more. My purpose in life is to help people, simply and plainly. I tried for years to find a loftier description, and have always came back to this basic goal. In helping others begin to heal themselves, and assisting with progress further along their journey, my own personal healing has transpired as well.

In my readings, energy healing, and coaching, I provide you with clear pathways to heal, move forward, remove blockages, set intentions, accomplish goals, gain clarity, and transform.

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