About Lisa

One day, a local mystic offered to answer random questions from her followers as a gift. The question that always loomed large in my mind was "What is my purpose?" Her response? "Opener of Stuck Spaces". It was like the heavens opened up and choirs sang.

While I have been doing healing work for many years, part of me felt like one of many. Indeed, there are many Reiki practitioners, tarot/oracle card readers and coaches out there in the world. What made me so special? What the mystic surmised (without knowing me personally at all) was that I saw ways out of stuck spaces, and followed through with them to move forward in my life. With my offerings, I help others do this as well.

I see what is not working, and I find ways and ideas to help people move beyond their own stuck spaces. My life has been filled with many stuck spaces and obstacles I've had to overcome: dysfunctional family, tragedies, deaths, emotional abuse, traumas, and more. Life is not easy for any of us. Yet I often found ways to overcome and see my way through to my own desired results.   

How can I help you? With tarot or oracle card readings, we can discern what's in your way, obstacles you need to discern, and ways forward. With Reiki, energy healing will help you feel a better so that you can spend your energy moving forward. Coaching provides real world solutions for your unique situations. 

As an opener of stuck spaces, I utilize a variety of tools in my toolkit. I am an empath, a teacher, a writer and human, who is also a mother, family member, friend and guide. All of it has led me to this opportunity to help others. 

With my readings, energy healing, and coaching, I provide you with clear pathways to heal, move forward, remove blockages, set intentions, accomplish goals, gain clarity, and transform. 

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